"This music is complex, melodic, emotional and definitely a nice mix of classic rock and symphonic"

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal

"But it isn’t “just” prog. Oh no. This most certainly rocks too – and how. This is a new band, and on this evidence, a very tight and talented one. The song writing and musicianship is top drawer, really well arranged and put together. Rock with a progressive edge indeed! Think Rush, Dream Theatre, bits of Genesis and Pink Floyd. Take all the best bits in the right proportion and that’s what Nth Ascension have come up with here"

"​Melodic, powerful progressive rock is the name of the game here"

"Congratulations are in order, a 10 out of 10"

​ "Nth Ascension's In Fine Initium is well-crafted, well-performed album of creative and entertaining melodic progressive rock, which should please connoisseurs of the same. Recommended"

 "In conclusion we would say that this is the best progressive album of 2016 and has already taken place in my list of best albums of the year"

Prog Archives

"Nth ASCENSION's new musical journey is called 'Ascension Of Kings'. It represents a curious diversity with shades of Magnum, Foreigner, Asia, early Marillion, Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, Arena (to name a few). What's more, the concoction of influences melds into a passionate exploration of the band's own quirky style. All the ingredients are in right place. Predominantly, the compositions work on two levels: bombastic segments alternate with the delicate nuances and sublime melodies"

Liverpool Sound & Vision

"By just listening to the music alone that Nth Ascension offer throughout the album is enough to slip into reflective poise but its real magic is in the sprinkling of lyrics that punctuate the air like a steam train driving through the warmth of an Edwardian Summer"

 "In Fine Initium’s sound, I believe, is a look into progressive rock’s future by using well established progressive rock and metal staples. You know that power progressive rock, slightly heavy melodic metal. I admire the fact that Nth Ascension can not be pigeonholed nor typecast into a solid particular genre"

"Nth Ascension give us modern prog/rock at its best. Have no doubt. Surely In Fine Initium will make a big splash in the genre"

​New Wave of British Heavy Metal

Firebrand’s Rock & Metal Express

"I really rate this album. It has cohesion and unity of purpose and playing that may well be rooted in Nth Ascension being almost a family band"

"For the band, this is a magnus opus, a terrific album built of fine production, on animated lyrics and dramatic tension; it is the feast at Heorot before Beowulf brings the entertainment of the slaying of the insipid and repetitive nonsensical pop to its conclusion and it is one in which the mead must flow in celebration of"

​Liverpool Sound & Vision


You cannot accuse Nth Ascension of rushing into things. Born in the North West of England in 2009, from the collaborative musings of Ten’s keyboard impresario, Darrel Treece-Birch and Craig Walker (drums, percussion) the band have evolved, matured and blossomed into a Prog Rock outfit that would rather trail-blaze than follow their contemporaries. From those embryonic musings it wasn’t long until Alan ‘Spud’ Taylor (vocals) and Martin Walker (guitars & father of Craig) joined ranks, adding their already established friendship and writing expertise to the equation. In 2011 they released ‘Frequencies Of Day And Night’, a demo album that was designed to test the waters ... and themselves (well worth a listen!!). The final piece of the jigsaw arrived in 2012; yet another Walker family member, Gavin (bass & brother of Craig) alleviated Taylor from his bass duties, allowing him to purely focus on vocals alone.

‘Ascension ...’ is not a concept album, despite what the superb artwork may imply; it does however portray an epic theme of ‘emancipation over tyranny’ throughout the opus. From the very first chords of ‘Fourth Kingdom’ it’s clear that this is something special - a deep, pounding, scything riff enveloped by ethereal keys accompanies Taylor’s unique, theatrical, and raconteur vocal delivery (engineered by Ten’s very own Gary Hughes). ‘Return Of The King’ is one of three instrumental passages that weave together T-B’s celestial keys with MW’s multi-toned guitar ingenuity. ‘Strange Dreams’ picks up the tempo with a driving riff and impassioned vocals symptomatic of the late, great Alex Harvey. ‘Overture’, Realm With A Soul’ and ‘Seventh Rider’ individually construct the ‘Clanaan Chronicles’ trilogy, a fantasy story penned by T-B  back in the 80’s, and now (I have it on good authority) destined to develop on subsequent albums (hopefully), similar to Saga’s ‘Chapters’. Parts 1&3 are both exquisite instrumentals, whilst Part 2 displays the melancholic side to Taylor’s voice. ‘Weight Of The World’ is perfectly positioned as the penultimate song; a luscious ballad complete with a transcendent guitar solo that tempers the soul and prepares it for the mammoth, climactic sojourn. ‘Vision’, originally written in 1991, began life as a relatively short Prog opus; however, the 8 minute composition took on a life of its own and developed into the 18 minute behemoth witnessed here – Quite simply, it’s wonderful; a kaleidoscopic montage which exhibits the top class musicianship of each band member, whilst incorporating a superfluity of styles and rhythmic variations, including an AC/DC style riff!!

It’s no surprise that these guys are from, and the album was made around the Blackpool area, as this really is a tasty piece of Rock with progressive originality stamped all the way through it. Recommended.

                                                                                                                            Dave Crompton

​"I came to this release with no preconceptions, but am so impressed by the way in which the whole album stretches and pushes the listener to care about the art that is being created, the stories that are being told and the passion of the players"

Prog Planet

"NTH Ascension are new to me and I am very pleasantly surprised!! They are (somehow) under the moniker: Neo prog with a hard edge, putting them comfortably in the same region as say: Arena (the later stuff)/ Pallas and Pendragon, but also with hints here and there to (though slightly) to Foreigner! That said, they have quite their own approach!! I love this album :-) I love this band!! Can’t wait to hear more from them!! NO...I am not gonna name any titles or preferences to tracks!! They are all great and this is a killer album! A killer album from a band that will (if justice in progworld exists) will be huge in the future"

 "Nth Ascension makes it clear that its music is deep, emotional and rocks in a unique way"

The Dedicated Rocker Society

"Wow! Nth Ascension, in terms of talent, is an embarrassment of riches. The amount of creativity, musicianship and energy bursting out of their debut release, 'Ascension Of Kings' is simply astounding! 'Ascension Of Kings’ moves the progressive rock genre forward while staying true to its roots, unlike so many recent prog rock albums that seem to be purely retro. Nothing on, 'Ascension Of Kings' sounds forced or pretentious. Not a moment is wasted, and every bit flows beautifully and effortlessly into the next. These five supremely talented musicians clearly brought out the best in each other during the making of this recording"