Ascension Of Kings

Nth Ascension met the Director of Aurovine and CEO of sister record label Sonic Vista (SV) at a Progressive Rock Festival in May 2013 in Blackpool; the festival had been headlined by Comedy of Errors whom Nth Ascension would open for. At this time Nth Ascension had been performing and recording for more than two years and was eager to release a true first release.

After our performance we were approached by Sonic Vista and invited to be distributed under the SV label. By late 2013 Nth Ascension was signed to SV.

As the band had already started the process of recording new material by hiring John Sykes’ studio (of Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy fame) in Bispham, excitement grew that this would be the first official physical product put out by the band. The album was officially released on December 13, 2014 fulfilling the bands dreams to release a physical product of their work. 

Gavin Walker had joined on Bass Guitar and was adding his skills to the songs in development. This album was approached in a totally different way, and the aim was to complete a highly produced recording in contrast to the raw live feel of the first demo FODAN. 

Guitars were recorded at Phil Brown’s home studio and Keyboards recorded at the War Room (Treece-Birch’s studio), being added later at RW Studios. The recording of the album was a long process, complicated by accessibility and availability of the studios and the band members. 

During this time Alan ‘Spud’ Taylor began recording his vocals at Gary Hughes’ (of TEN fame) Dog House studios under Gary’s expert tutelage and engineering prowess. All drums were mixed and engineered by Darrel, with all songs engineered by Phil and mixed ultimately by Martin Walker at Sandyforth Studios with the aid of the band.

Original artwork was commissioned to brilliant UK artist Oliver Pengilley whose artistic interpretation of the music of Ascension of Kings (AOK) can be seen in the stunning landscape cover art.  This album also won a best sleeve accolade upon release thanks to Ollie’s skills. 

The album was mastered at Digital Audio, in Skipton by the talented Dave Aston, with CD replication from Manchester’s Pure Music. 

In mid- 2015 the band signed a North and South American distribution deal with USA label Melodic Revolution Records. MRR have a progressive rock band roster of enviable talent and this move would set in motion a developing friendship with the label and a new degree to the marketing and exposure of the band.

The album contains 8 songs with a re-working of FODAN’s Return Of The King. 

Fourth Kingdom
Return Of The King
Strange Dreams
Overture (Clanaan pt1)
Realm With A Soul (Clanaan pt2)
Seventh Rider (Clanaan pt3)
Weight Of The World

It is our aim to hopefully re-work a song from FODAN on each new release.

Ascension of Kings is a concept album of sorts. It has a theme running through it of ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Redemption’. Also on the album is the first stages of the conceptual fantasy story of ‘Clanaan’, this is something that began with Alan (Spud), Darrel and Martin way back in 1987. It seemed a shame to lose this story and an even greater crime to resign this material to the dusty shelves of old demos. Re-awakened these tracks were amongst the most praised by reviewers around the globe. Naturally the Clanaan story will continue on. You just need to stay with us to find out what happens next!

Ascension Of Kings is available via Melodic Revolution Records for worldwide dispatch and can also be found on Amazon and music platforms.

Frequencies Of Day & Night

Our first album Frequencies of Day & Night (FODAN) was recorded as a demo and meant as an introduction for the music fan and industry.  This album was the “bands” foray into an organized approach that allowed us to experiment and create in a truly egalitarian environment; working through original musical ideas in a structured approach in hopes of bringing our music to the world at large. 

 The band had been together since January 2010 and had several songs in development. As with most bands the lack of funds and being very “green about the gills” we were budget conscious but set on producing a quality album. We enlisted the help of our good friend and often extra live member Phil Brown (Counterparts) to help out with our venture. Utilizing the performance room at the Millfield School for Science and the Performing Arts we recorded in essence a ‘live-room session’.  No click tracks, no metronomes, no quantizing. Everything was recorded down on the day with the exception of vocals, which were added later, plus some added basics. This was also a recording as a four- piece with Alan ‘Spud’ Taylor playing Bass Guitar.

FODAN  was made available on Saturday, November 5th 2011 of the then annual Fleetwoodstock Festival, with a limited supply of home-made jewel case CD’s.  In a step to bring more attention to the band in 2012 both Nth Ascension and keyboard player Darrel Treece-Birch signed up to the fledgling Aurovine beta site. This website is a platform for unsigned artists (and artists signed to small independent labels) to showcase their material and offer out their music at whatever price they choose. It was decided by the band to offer the album as a free download with an option to donate any amount of money at the purchaser’s option. 

The album consisted of 6 songs.

1. The Prize
2. Out Of The Fire
3. Running To Nowhere
4. Sound To Light
5. Return Of The King
6. The Cage

The album runs at around 50 minutes and also contained a seventh unlisted instrumental track titled ‘A.I. Ghosts In The Machine’ which was a spontaneous add-on during the recording session at Millfield. All the songs remain favourites in the live set, and ultimately the band will revisit all the songs again on future releases. Not because this is an inferior recording; but more so as a growth of the music for as the songs become part of the band overtime subtleties arise and nuances appear which lend itself to a re-visitation and re-release in the future. The album and songs are still available to download at